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1. Simple blog with responsive design

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2. Light / Dark Mode Switch

3. Fast !

gatsby-blog-mdx is built on top of Gatsby.js that pre-builds pages that's delivered to viewers instantly

4. Mdx (or Markdown) to create post & about page

Mdx enables to use React components along with markdown in your post. This blog also includes some pre-built components to enhance your blog experience.

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5. Code syntax highlighting (Light / Dark)

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6. Comments plugins

Supports Facebook | Disqus | Utterances(GitHub) Comments

Supports Email | GitHub | Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn | Instagram | Medium

8. Google Analytics Support

Google Analytics measure how users interact with your blog.

9. SEO + sitemap + RSS

Auto generates metadata & sitemap & rss to boost search engine result for your website.

10. Easy & Highly Customizable

Customize everything by tweaking customize.js

What's next? 🤔

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My Simple blog

Austin, TX